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Q: Why are your mailroom supply products so inexpensive?
A: Our online store business model enables a lower operating cost. We buy at substantial volume discounts but have product direct-shipped from the manufacturer.

Q: My equipment dealer said if I don't buy my postage ink from them, they'll void our warranty. Is that true?
A: Absolutely not. It is 100% illegal to use any "strong arm" tactics including withholding service or voiding a warranty, in an effort to monopolize consumable sales in any market. See related antitrust legislation at: http://colorlabs.com/law.html

Q: What happens if your cartridge doesn't work with our machine?
A: Our cartridges are guaranteed to work with the equipment model(s) represented. If they don't, then we will replace them with a cartridge that will plus pay for the shipping.

Q: Do you have a recycling program or offer credit for empty cartridges?
A: Absolutely! We will gladly credit your account for the empties you send us & will even pay for the shipping. We currently offer $10 credit for most Hasler & Neopost cartridges, $5 credit for most Pitney Bowes & FP cartridges & $2 credit for most HP45 or Collins address printer cartridges. Learn more & print free shipping label at: http://t.e2ma.net/message/c8k8e/0qf35b
Q: Do you accept purchase orders and payments by check?
A: Yes. Our pricing is only possible because we take payment at the time of shipment. If your organization can only do business this way, we understand. Call us or send an email to info@MailShipDirect.net with your order info, product(s), billing & shipping address & contact information. We will send you an electronic invoice the same day, which you can pay electronically or check by mail. We will promptly ship your order upon receipt of payment.

Q: If we purchase Pitney Bowes supplies or equipment from you, how does service work?
A: We will gladly handle all service issues relating to supplies. We are not the equipment service provider outside of our local Tennessee service area. We are part of a nationwide network of authorized service personnel. We will gladly assist you in obtaining an equipment maintenance agreement or locating your local service organization for individual service calls.

Q: What happens if we buy equipment that doesn't work?
A: All of our equipment is covered by their manufacturer's warranty. You have between 90-180 days to determine the equipment's performance. If we can't make it work, we'll replace it. If that doesn't work, you're not obligated to keep it. It's that simple.

Q: If we already have Satori or Smart Addresser, can we renew through MailShipDirect.com?
A: Absolutely! Many of our customers already had software subscriptions when they found our lower prices. Your subscription stays the same. The only thing that changes is your vendor & price.

Q: How long is your handling time?
A: It's different for all of our products. For most items, we will ship within 1 business day, other products take 2-3 business days, & some products even longer. For example, if you pay for 2-day shipping & an item has a 2-day handling time, it will arrive within 4 business days. If the occasional backorder occurs, we will notify you promptly.

Q: Can we sample ink or tabs prior to making a large purchase?
A: In most cases, yes. Contact us to let us know your needs, volumes & applications. In most cases, we'll be happy to send samples.

Q: Are your prices or freight charges negotiable?
A: For higher volume orders, yes. As a general rule, any individual supply order over $1,000 or annual supply contracts over $5,000 are negotiable.

Q: Are your ink cartridges OEM, remanufactured or new-compatible?
A: The answer is all of the above. Our Pitney Bowes & FP cartridges are new-compatible, our Hasler & Neopost cartridges are OEM remans, our address-printer cartridges are new, our laser toners are new & our inkjet desktop printer cartridges are OEM remans including HP, Lexmark, Epson & Dell.

Q: Do you offer any products not on MailShipDirect.com?
A: Yes, we offer a huge selection of mailing supplies, niche furniture, mailroom essentials and mailing equipment not available on our site. If you're looking for something specific, let us know. We may have it.